Skype translator is a game changer for communications

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 Skype Translator offers the stuff of sci-fi: real-time (or as close as possible to real-time) translations of a voice conversation in two different languages. When one user speaks, a computerized voice speaks the translation to the other user, and vice versa. A running transcription of the original and translated words appears in a sidebar, ensuring that any misunderstanding from the machine is obvious to the speaker.

Exploring Google course updated

By |2020-07-23T10:20:14-05:00January 19th, 2015|

The new Exploring Google covers three of the most popular apps: Drive, Maps, and Calendar. The new course manual is now available for partner download on the Downloads page. Read more for a complete overview and table of contents.

Stevie Wonder says that accessibility means an “even playing field” for the disabled

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At a CES conference session on accessibility in technology, our surprise panelist was none other than Grammy Award winning Stevie Wonder. You might imagine that there are many ways to frame the issue of opening the doors of technology to those with disabilities, but Stevie put it simply when he said that what it meant to him was an “even playing field.”
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