The Complete Job Search

Connections offers two courses that can help your students in their job search. The Complete Job Search includes two chapters on resumes which are available as a separate manual Resumes and Cover Letters. 

Looking for a job can be a frightening experience, especially for older adults. This course is about preparation and planning, finding your interests and skills, and the computer skills you need to succeed in finding a job in today’s environment. This course will introduce students to the realities of online searches, email communication, social media networking, and cleaning up public social media accounts that might prove embarrassing as a job applicant. 

Instructor Information

This course recognizes that some students will be faced with having to make career changes, and uses the O’NET OnLine resources to help determine personal strengths, interests, and traits. There are sample resumes, reference logs, job logs, and other organizational resources that the student may want to print additional copies. This course was co-authored by librarians who work daily with job seekers, and works well in a setting with career counselors and other job help resources. 

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Successful job searching requires preparation. This course will guide you through an assessment of your personal strengths, and teach you how to complete effective applications, resumes, and cover letters. You will learn to use the Internet to search for jobs and learn effective skills for interviewing and follow-up. Prior to taking this course, you should already have basic Windows, Word, Internet and Email skills. 


Current version: 2.0  
Published: Dec 2013 
Translations: English  
Recommended course length: 3-4 sessions 
Number of pages: 52 


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