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This page is for Introduction to Word and Word Online
Microsoft Word is the industry standard for word processing. Word is now available at no cost as an on-line application for those who don’t need the full power of the Office version. We offer a course for both versions including two levels of Word for students looking to add to their marketable skills.

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This course is an introduction to Microsoft Word in Office 365. Although the illustrations feature the 2019 Office 365 interface, this book can be used with earlier versions of Word as well. Earlier versions will look somewhat different than shown in illustrations, but the ribbon layout and command functions are mostly the same. Some of the integration with cloud-based storage may not be available depending on your version.

Practice files and class resources are available below.

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Introduction to Word 2016/2019/Office 365 Practice Files

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Introduction to Word 365
This course focuses on the basics of creating Word documents. You’ll learn how to navigate the Word window, add text and pictures with formatting, and the basics of tables, charts and text boxes. This course also covers the basics of preparing a document for publishing as a Word or PDF document, including proofing tools and an introduction to  the powerful Find and Replace tools. You should have some experience with Windows and basic computer skills prior to taking this course.

Microsoft Word Online
Word Online is a free, online version of the best known word processing program ever. Even though it lacks the advanced features of Word, it is a great app for the casual user to create letters, resumes, newsletters, and more. In this class you’ll learn the basics of Office Online use, including the use of OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. You’ll learn how to create and format, print, and share simple documents.


Introduction to Microsoft Word
Published: May, 2021
Translations: English, Spanish (August, 2019)
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 108

Microsoft Word Online
Current version: 2.1
Published: December 2015
Translations: English
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 38


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