What’s the Best Browser For Me?

Browsers are our window to the internet.

Browsers save a lot of information about our internet use. Sites you visit place cookies on your computer that record the pages and products you browsed. Your browsing history is used to make it easier for you to find and revisit sites and, importantly for businesses, to build detailed demographic information about you for marketing. This course will explore the privacy and security settings in the most popular browsers, talk about using privacy mode, and show students how to erase their surfing history in the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Oasis Connections has been teaching people online safety and privacy since 2004. The Cybercrime Fighters series can also include Safety and Privacy Online, Going Wireless: How to Use Wi-fi, and Introduction to Email. Introduction to Email features use of an encrypted email program–Gmail.

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Your students are targets for scammers, hackers and con artists world wide. You can use these manuals to teach them how to look for and avoid some of the most common threats. Read more about  cybercrime on our Connections blog.

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Cybercrime Fighters: What’s the Best Browser for Me? 
Browsers are your window to enjoying all the internet has to offer. This class covers the privacy and security concerns of internet browsing, including what tools are in the most popular browsers to help you control the information collected about you. You’ll learn how to clear browsing history, how to use private browsing mode, and what the security and privacy settings within the browser do.


What’s the Best Browser for Me?
Current version: March, 2019
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 1 session
Number of pages: 33  pages


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