Password Managers: How to untangle your password nightmare

Online security starts with long unique passwords for each of your online accounts. That’s a lot of passwords to remember. Remembering all those passwords, and typing them in each time you need to sign in to an account, can be frustrating. That’s the reason so many of us use passwords that are easy to guess and hack.

Password managers take the hassle out of using good password practices. Password managers create excellent passwords, remember them for you, and even fill in forms for you–saving you time and frustration–and perhaps saving you from identity theft and fraud. This course introduces password managers, how they work and how to choose the one that is right for you.

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This course introduces both browser-based and third-party password managers. Students will learn how to create strong passwords and the importance of using a unique password for every online account. They will learn how to use the password manager built in to their favorite browser, and why they might want to consider using a 3rd party browser that offers more security and features. Read more about  cybercrime on our Connections blog.

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Cybercrime Fighters: Password Managers: How to untangle your password nightmare.
Frustrated with all the long incomprehensible passwords that you need to stay safe online? Are you using the same password everywhere, or using passwords that are not secure because it’s so hard to keep track of them? This class will show you how to really ramp up your online safety easily by using a password manager app. You’ll learn what popular apps to look for, and how to install and use one of the most popular apps on your desktop and mobile device.


Using Password Managers
Current version: July 2021
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 1 session
Number of pages: 24 pages


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