Smartphone Photography

What is your go-to camera? Most likely it is the convenient and versatile smartphone in your pocket. Many of today’s smartphones have features you won’t find even on very expensive cameras and camcorders. This class is all about learning what these wonderful creative features are and how to use them.

Please promote and teach the new Smartphone Photography course instead of the earlier Digital Photography course.

Marketing and Catalog Copy

Chances are you use your smartphone for pictures and videos. Smartphone cameras are not only convenient, they have features not found anywhere else. If you want to know more about slo-mo, panoramic, time-lapse, even augmented reality, this class is for you. Bump your smartphone skills up a notch and learn how to use the full complement of camera features for fun and creative photography and videography.


Published: April 2018
Translations: English
Recommended course length: 3 sessions
Number of pages: 39 pages


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