Introduction to Computers with Windows 10

New version includes Windows 10

When you need a comprehensive course that starts with the basics – start here. This course is a ground-level introduction for the student who needs to learn what a tower and mouse is, how to properly turn a computer on and off, how to use windows in Windows. This is an introduction to the Internet and email, and includes Internet safety. For a shorter version of this course see Meet the Computer.

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Incorporates updates to topics as of March, 2021. Part I covers types of PCs and hardware. Part II introduces Windows 10, Part III covers Windows apps and features. Part IV explores the internet. Part V covers online safety including recognizing typical scams and threats. Part VI finishes off with an introduction to creating and using a Gmail account.

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Introduction to Computers

Ready to take that first step and learn about computers? This comprehensive course introduces the new user to computer hardware and terminology, covers the basics of using Windows 10, takes you on a tour of the internet, teaches you how to stay safe online by recognizing and avoiding scams and malicious websites, and walks you through setting up and using a new Gmail account.


Introduction to Computers with Windows 10

Current version English: March 2021
Current version: June, 2020
Translations: English, Spanish (ver 1903)
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 141


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