Oasis Connections Guide to Online Safety

The Internet is a wonderful place to communicate, socialize, and enjoy boundless entertainment. The Internet allows us to bank, shop, and even earn college degrees without leaving our homes. The Internet is a necessity for many of us. Many companies require job applications to be completed online. Some government services must be accessed online. We even see our doctors and review our medical records online. The pandemic has made the importance of Internet access clear.

You will be targeted by cybercriminals. Everyone is.

If you use the Internet or have a smartphone, then you will be targeted by cybercriminals. You can be a victim even if you don’t use the Internet. Your government, financial, and medical records are stored online. You’ll learn how to minimize your risk, protect your assets, and safeguard your identification in this course.

Cybercrime is growing

Cybercrime is a growth industry. According to the FBI, American individuals and businesses lost over $3.5 billion in 2019. Worldwide, cybercrime is forecast to cost businesses over $6 trillion in 2021! We are going to show you how cybercriminals work, expose their tricks, and give you the tools you need to avoid becoming a victim.

World-wide, cybercrime is forcast to cost victims, both individuals and businesses, over $6 trillion by 2021

You are about to learn how to be safer online

This course will teach you how to be safer online. You’ll learn how cybercrooks use fear, urgency, and other emotions to manipulate victims-something we call social engineering. Then you’ll learn how to recognize specific threats, like phishing and dangerous links. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the best security practices, like how to create and manage strong passwords and use 2-factor authentication to stop cybercriminals in their tracks and limit the damage that comes from online breaches.

It may seem like a lot, but with a little practice, it just becomes second nature. Dive in, and if you have any questions, get in touch with us. Oasis Connections is your partner in fighting cybercrime!

About the presenters

Amy VanDeVeldeAmy VanDeVelde is the Technology Education Director of the Oasis Connections program and has held that role since 2012. She obtained a certificate from Harvard University on Cybersecurity Risk Management in April. In 2019, the Connections program held at least 1,100 classes with more than 11,000 enrollments nationwide. Amy is keenly interested in technology that supports and enhances interpersonal relationships by decreasing social isolation.

Ken Charvoz has authored dozens of technology courses on a wide range of subjects including Windows, Microsoft Office, Apple iOS, Android, Facebook, digital photography, cybercrime, and more. He has produced over 100 instructional videos for the Oasis Connections program. Ken works out of his home studio in Southern Arizona and continues to study psychology at Arizona State University with a specific interest in learning and cognition in aging adults.