Wellness on the Web

The web is a great place to learn about maintaining your health and managing illness. Apps connected to mobile devices can really help track progress toward goals and motivate activity. This course will help you introduce a wide range of possibilities to your audience and steer them away from less credible sites as well.

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This course is an introduction to the types of web-based resources there are to discover health information and use that information to improve ones health. Sample websites from government, nonprofit, educational and research facilities, and blogs are introduced, as are alternative and healthy eating sites. The course includes several mobile apps that the student can use to track fitness activities and food reference, and YouTube where one can find lots of videos to work out with.

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The web is a phenomenal resource for health information. This course will introduce you to the types of websites you can use to learn about health issues, blogs that you can follow to learn what’s new, online resources you can work out with, and mobile apps that can help you in your journey toward a healthier tomorrow.


Published: May 2021
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 1-2 sessions
Number of pages: 33 pages


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