Resumes and Cover Letters

This course is a section of The Complete Job Search focused on creating Resumes and Cover Letters during job seeking.

Resumes and cover letters are the first impression an employer gets of a job seeker.

Instructor Information

This course teaches job seekers to craft resumes that highlight the skills listed in the job description using active verbs that show their skills and accomplishments in action. The course also introduces the student to applicant tracking systems (ATS) and techniques that will help the resume to pass the filtering systems.

Marketing and Catalog Copy

Your resume is your personal marketing tool. It must showcase the skills the employer seeks and grab a reviewer’s attention in just a few seconds. It must also pass the rejection system of any applicant tracking system (ATS) used by the employer. This course will give you the skills to create a keyword-rich targeted resume that is formatted to pass an ATS, show a recruiter your relevant skills at a glance, and get you to an interview.

Prior to taking this course, you should already have basic Windows, Word, Internet and Email skills.


Published: April 2023
Translations: English 
Recommended course length: 2 sessions
Number of pages: 30


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