The Oasis Guide to Internet Safety

Your Guide to Avoiding Cybercrime, Preventing Identity Theft, and Maintaining Personal Privacy Online

Note: This manual replaces the old Safety First manual

Teaching our students how to be safe online is one of our most important tasks. Everyone who uses a smartphone, email, or surfs the internet will be targeted by scammers. This course will cover skills needed to recognize scams, create good passwords, and avoid identity theft.

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This course begins by teaching students how to recognize the common thread to all scams–social engineering. Specific scams, like phishing and bogus schemes are also covered. Students are then shown how to create and manage strong unique passwords and passphrases and the importance of adding multi-factor authentication to their important accounts. The course also covers the importance of OS and app updates as well as knowing when your internet connection is secure, email safety, and social media safety.
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The Internet is a daily part of our family, social, and business lives. The Internet is also where scammers and identity thieves lurk. Protect yourself by learning to recognize phishing and fraud attempts in this class designed for Internet users of all ages. You’ll learn how to create and manage safe passwords, bulletproof your online accounts with multi-factor (2-factor) authentication, recognize unsafe website connections, safely use public W-Fi, and much more.


Current version: October 2021
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 3 sessions
Number of pages: 52


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