Going Wireless: How to Use Wi-Fi

TVs, streaming media devices, even refrigerators can be connected to the Internet. And our mobile population wants to connect on the road. This course helps students understand and set up Wi-Fi while staying safe.

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Set your lab Wi-Fi up with an easy public password and post it prominently for class use.

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Want Internet access on the go? Wi-Fi is the wireless Internet connection available at many coffee shops, libraries and airports. You can also set up a Wi-Fi system at home. In this course, you will learn all about Wi-Fi, where and how to get it and important safety precautions you need to know. (If you have a laptop computer or cell phone with Wi-Fi Internet access, you can bring it to class. However, this is not required.)


Published: February, 2019
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 1 session
Number of pages: 17 pages


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