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For nearly 20 years, adults have built technology skills and confidence using Oasis Connections training materials. Materials are available to help people use computers, the Internet and portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Designed to help you offer classes to your people

We partner with senior centers, public library systems, job help centers and faith-based organizations to teach digital literacy skills in your community. Our partners choose Connections because the courses are written for adult learners and seniors, with step-by-step instructions and lots of illustrations. Our courses really work to help you deliver digital readiness training to your audience easily and cost efficiently.

Connections is an off-the-shelf solution designed to meet your curriculum needs. Whether your trainers are staff or volunteers, Connections gives them the tools they need to successfully teach numerous classes:

iPad, iPhone and Android

Computer, Windows 10, Microsoft Office

Internet, Internet Safety and WiFi

Job search and resume writing

Email, Facebook, digital photography and more

19 courses translated to Spanish

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Protecting Your Privacy

This  video shows you how you can protect your privacy when using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Learn the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why) for safely posting to social media.

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