Exploring the Internet

Exploring the Internet takes two of the most fun and important chapters from Introduction to the Internet for partners looking for a shorter Internet class.

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We suggest having a simple Wi-Fi password and posting it prominently to reduce time and errors for students logging on.
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The Internet is a vast resource that can educate, inform, and entertain you. And it can be a pretty good place to shop too! This course is geared to the new Internet user, and begins with an overview of websites and browsers and online safety. Then it’s off to discover some of the best the Internet has to offer including sites for lifelong learning, entertainment sources for streaming music and movies, the best of shopping, and more. Appropriate for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users.


Current version: March, 2019
Translations: English and Spanish
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 41 pages


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