Introduction to the Internet

This course teaches students how to learn, find entertainment, and socialize on the Internet – and do so safely. This is a comprehensive course with material for 6 sessions. If you need a  quicker shorter course then check out  Exploring the Internet, which takes the two most important chapters (“Beginning Internet Skills” and “Shopping & “Entertainment, & Learning Online”) from this manual. The chapter  Beginner’s Guide to the Cloud is also available as a module from this text.

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We suggest having a simple Wi-Fi password and posting it prominently to reduce time and errors for students logging on.

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Introduction to the Internet
The Internet is a treasure trove of information. Introduction to the Internet covers all the basics of why you want to be there. You’ll learn how to use a browser to safely surf the web. You’ll learn to techniques to help you recognize and avoid phishing schemes and frauds. You’ll also learn about the fun aspects of the Internet, including popular sites for video and music, sites that will entertain and challenge you, and opportunities for continued learning and mental growth. You’ll also be introduced to the most popular social media sites that are all the rage. Use a smart phone or tablet? You’ll also learn how many popular apps cross over from device to device.


Introduction to the Internet

Current version:  March 12, 2019
Translations: English, Spanish
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 135 pages


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