The new Exploring Google covers three of the most popular apps: Drive, Maps, and Calendar. The new course manual is now available for partner download on the Downloads page.

Google courses are in demand, and we are excited to announce a completely rewritten Exploring Google course that covers some of the most popular Google services. The manual is a complete introduction to each of the three apps, and enough material for a minimum of 3 sessions (49 pages.) This course focuses on the desktop versions of each app, but will provide the basis for using on mobile devices as well. These apps are all free to use, a Google account is all that is required.

Table of Contents

Welcome    1
Introduction to Google apps    2
How to create a Google account    3
Google Drive for PCs    5
Introduction to Google Drive    6
Why use Google Drive?    6
The My Drive workspace    7
Top menu bar    7
Drive toolbar    8
Action buttons    8
Navigation Pane    9
View Pane    9
Details Pane    9
Creating folders and documents in Drive    10
Creating folders in Drive    10
Creating Google documents in Drive    11
Uploading files to Drive from the browser    13
Organizing Drive on the web    14
Move a folder into another folder    14
Move a file to a folder    15
Move a file between folders    16
Set a color to a folder    16
Google Drive app on your computer    18
Installing Google Drive on your PC    19
Installing and using the Drive app    19
Sharing and collaborating    22
Link sharing    22
Sharing with specific people    23
Advanced Sharing options    23
Google Maps for Desktop    26
Introduction to Google Maps    27
Introduction to the Maps interface    28
Getting around box    28
Finding locations    29
Location information    29
Info Cards    30
Map    30
Imagery in Maps    31
Google Earth view (satellite)    31
Street View    31
Imagery carousel    33
Your Places    34
Turn by turn directions to your restaurant    35
Traffic on your route    35
Altering a route    36
Print directions    36
Google Calendar for desktop PCs    37
Introduction to Google Calendar    37
Left column    37
Types of calendars    38
Creating new calendars    38
Calendar menu    39
Sharing    39
Add or subscribe to calendars    40
Add a friend’s calendar    40
Add interesting calendars from Google    40
Create an event    40
Create event from the Create button    40
Create event in the calendar view    42
Create event with Quick Add    43
Edit an event    43
Inviting others to your event    43
Delete an event    43
Calendar settings    43
Settings>General    44
Settings>Calendars    44
Settings>Mobile Setup    44
Delete a calendar    44
Sign out of Google    45
Your opinion is important to us!    46