The Connections team has been busy creating updated content and translating it to Spanish. There’s something here for everyone in your class to learn from and enjoy.

We have doubled the amount of Spanish language curriculum as noted by courses below with an asterisk.

Updated                                                                         Translated to Spanish

Introduction to Computers                                                      Introduction to Computers

Meet the Computer                                                                  Meet the Computer

Windows 10                                                                                Windows 10*

Windows 10 Performance and Maintenance                       Windows 10 Performance and Maintenance*

Google Photos                                                                           Google Photos*

Introduction to the Internet                                                    Introduction to the Internet

Exploring the Internet                                                              Exploring the Internet

Going Wireless: How to set up and use WiFi                       Going Wireless: How to set up and use WiFi*

Exploring Google                                                                      Exploring Google*

Introduction to Email                                                               Introduction to Email

iPad iOS 12                                                                                 i Pad iOS 12

iPhone Essentials iOS 12                                                          iPhone Essentials iOS 12

Facebook 1                                                                                Facebook 1

Facebook 2                                                                                Facebook 2

Phishing and Identity Theft                                                    Phishing and Identity Theft*

Using Password Managers                                                     Using Password Managers*

What’s the Best Browser for Me?                                          What’s the Best Browser for Me?*

Android Essentials

Smartphone Photography

Beginner’s Guide to the Cloud