October: An important month for Security Awareness and digital skills education

The month of October has many commemorations. This first week of October it is National Digital Inclusion Week and Oasis celebrates helping people learn to use technology and the internet for more than two decades. Then, October is also CyberSecurity Awareness Month and Oasis encourages all users of the internet to learn all they can to protect themselves while they are online and using technology.

Oasis offers digital skills classes to help people be safe while going cyber in October and every month after. In fact, technology has advanced in ways that allow cybercriminals to spoof communication from previously trusted sources such as your bank, mortgage company, health care providers—even emails from close friends. It’s increasingly difficult to decipher what is legitimate and what is a scam so take advantage of our Oasis cybersecurity educations resources to teach you ways to reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft, frauds and internet scams of all types.

  1. Start right now by visiting our free online class to shore up your security awareness skills
  2. Follow the Oasis Facebook page to see mini lessons about CyberSecurity topics
  3. Short on time? Watch our short instructional videos to learn about CyberSecurity topics.

The Oasis Connections program has had more than 150,000 enrollments over the last two decades. Be sure to share a comment below and tell us how the Oasis Connections program has helped you.

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