Windows 10 is a game-changing OS that is transforming how we use devices by moving toward a seamless experience no matter what kind of Windows device—PC, tablet, or phone—that you are using. In fact, with their unveiling of the new Surface Book and the new generation of phones that can power full size monitors and act like a PC, mobile computing will never be the same. This 47-page course will introduce you to the new features of W10, including the new Start menu and Cortana on the PC. Microsoft is reporting that over 110 million PCs have already migrated to the new platform.

Apple iOS releases are always adopted quickly, and iOS 9 won’t be any exception. It introduces a slew of new features, some of which are only available on the iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Pro. This 88-page course will show your students how to use all the native apps and important features of the new OS.

And for Android fans, Lollipop made tons of changes, and Google is making changes faster than we can keep up with. This 36-page manual has all the new icons and functions, including updates on Ok Google and Google Now cards. Marshmallow is right around the corner, but carriers are slow to roll out updates. Lollipop will be with us for a long time.