Anyone who’s familiar with and frequently uses the Internet likely knows the answer to that question.
Indianapolis Intro to Computers Class PhotoBut because not everyone is a regular Web browser, they might have needed to take this Oasis technology class (offered at San Antonio Oasis) to learn about what’s known as “Craig’s List.”

So what’s the big deal about a class with a funny name? That’s an easy answer. Education.

Learning never stops, no matter how old we get. What you choose to learn depends on where you are at in your life, what needs or interests you might have … or you simply want to know more about who Craig is and why he has a list.

Regardless of what those topics are, finding good programs to help you learn more about them becomes first and foremost for a lifelong learner. Technology, humanities, art, history, you name it … people at Oasis centers across the country know just how important this is. In the continuous effort to offer high quality classes to participants, staff and volunteers brainstorm on ideas for programs, find local experts to present them, and do whatever they can to make each class a worthwhile experience for all who attend.

The latest review of class statistics for 2012 indicates just how important it is for Oasis to provide excellent education opportunities. Several Oasis cities showed up to a 16% growth in people participating in their classes. Enrollment growth is over 5%, and in some cities even more. Oasis directors attribute these increases to spending more time on the details of creating programs, polling participants about what topics they want covered, offering some evening class opportunities, or several sessions on a favorite topic.

Getting good quality educational experiences matter. It’s food for the soul, not to mention, it’s good for our overall our brain health. According to an article from AARP The Magazine, learning spurs the growth of new brain cells, says Keith L. Black, M.D., chair of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  When you challenge the brain, you increase the number of brain cells and the number of connections between those cells.

What interests you? What do you want to learn more about? Tell us … and you’ll be helping Oasis continue to offer great classes and the kind of educational opportunities you want.