Facebook has introduced a new feature you may have noticed on your homepage. Trending, which lies to the right of your News Feed, is a compilation of some of the hot topics trending on Facebook. Each suggested topic has a title and a short explanatory introduction.

Facebook trending screenshot

Clicking a Trending suggestion takes you to a listing of the Page posts that are getting all the shares and comments about that subject. The featured Pages include popular news, organization or personality sites – or sites that are primarily obsessed with scandal and misbehavior. Don’t expect Trending to deal with only substantive issues. Trending is all about the fact that Alec Baldwin was just arrested for riding his bicycle the wrong way on a street in New York City and the latest Bieber antic. It’s what people are commenting and sharing on Facebook. Facebook is trying to capitalize on that.

The featured posts include some of the comments. Be prepared when clicking on a controversial link, it can get ugly out there.

Facebook has said that the items you see in Trending are personalized for you based on your interests and history on Facebook. I didn’t find that to be the case. Take a look at your Trending area and let me know, did Facebook show you things that interest you?