Skype Windows Phone Screen

An announcement on the Skype website is bad news for Windows 7 phone owners who like to use the video chat/calling app. In order to continue using Skype, they’ll need a new phone.

Microsoft says that the move is necessary because Windows 7 just doesn’t support the “enhanced quality to better reliability to improved security” that the latest Skype app offers. Windows 7 phones can’t be upgraded to Windows 8 or higher, leaving little choice for Skype users but to shell out the cash for a newer phone. No doubt there will be some movement away from Windows phones altogether since some users seem rather angry about the sudden move (do a quick Twitter search and you’ll see what I mean.)

For casual users this is an inconvenience, but many Skype subscribers use the app to call landlines and other cell phones around the world. Skype has a support page for those who want to cancel their Skype subscription and another for those who want to request a refund.