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If you have been waiting to try an Office 365 subscription, now might be a good time to jump in. Amazon is offering a Home Premium one-year subscription at a 33% discount. That subscription is good for installation on up to five devices, including the just-released Office Web App version for iPad.

I like Office 365 although the interface, mostly the integration with OneDrive, took some getting used to. I think the subscription model is a really good deal at the regular $99.99 a year subscription price, and a super deal at $67.15. I have several PCs, one Mac, and now my iPad on my subscription. Installation and authorizing a device is easy and completely online. Office 365 includes the full Office suite and an additional 20GB of online OneDrive storage.

So if you are in the market, check out the discount key card being offered on Amazon. I don’t know how long the discount will be available.

Office is now available for your iPad and iPhone

Office 365 Apps Available

Microsoft recently released Office Web Apps (OWA) for the iPad and iPhone. All OWA are now free, and a good substitute for those who don’t need the full Office versions. OWA lack a lot of functionality (surprisingly the iPad version of Word has some features the browser version lacks), but are still great for light duty. Stay tuned for more on these free online versions.