Diabetics will soon have another tool to help them control their disease. Medical device maker Dexcom has announced that it is working on an app to display continuous glucose readings from its implantable sensor on iOS devices as soon as April according to a story in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required.)
Dexcom Receiver
Receiver image via Dexcom. Trend lines help control treatment but receivers could soon be replaced with iPhone and iWatch.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) provides the user with graphic trend lines that indicate the direction and rate of change in glucose levels – far more helpful than just a number. That’s good news for diabetics and caretakers too. Currently users of Dexcom’s implantable sensor must use a  view glucose trends on a separate receiver, which can then connect with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The new app will ditch the receiver and allow a direct connection between the implantable device and the iPhone or iWatch.