Picasa rarely got any love from Google in the way of updates so it isn’t surprising, especially given Google’s expansion of the Google Photos app, that Picasa is officially on the chopping block. According to Google, there will be no further support after March 15, 2016, although current users can continue to use the app.

Google Photos operates on both desktop and mobile devices and has unlimited photo backup for photos as long as Google gets to pare them down a bit. Photos has a growing list of features, including basic editing and albums, but doesn’t have the tagging and geo-tagging features that Picasa users loved.

If you have photos in a Picasa Web Album, those pics are already in Google Photos. Google says that there is more information to come for users of Web Albums but really recommends uploading directly to Google Photos. Your mobile device can be connected to automatically upload, and you can upload from your Mac or PC using the uploader.

Google Photos back up for life