Facebook rolled out a new video streaming platform called Watch last year. If you missed the grand experience you are not alone; a survey by The Diffusion Group in August of 2018 showed that, even a year after launch, half of Facebook users hadn’t even heard, much less used, the service.

Facebook Newsfeed Screenshot

Watch features  short videos from Facebook Pages and Groups with large followings and longer syndicated shows that are made for Watch. Facebooks wants Watch to compete with YouTube and Netflix-type services and be another platform for business advertising.

Be prepared for sudden and unexpected breaks for advertising. Creators earn advertising revenue from ads shown during their videos. YouTube plays ads before a video runs; Watch breaks into the middle of a video, which is not formatted for the break, and runs an ad. It can be quite jarring.

Look for the Watch icon in the left navigation pane of Facebook (browser version)

Facebook Watch Icon

or the bottom of your mobile Facebook screen.

Closeup of Facebook Shows to Watch

Have you heard of Watch? Will Watch compete with YouTube for your video-watching time?