For National Volunteer Month, we want to express our gratitude for the amazing, creative, inspiring, and dedicated volunteers we have in our program across the country. Without them, the Connections mission of bridging the digital divide would be only a dream. Our volunteers are where the rubber meets the road.
Barbara Bluiett teaching Oasis Connections
According to a just-published report from the Independent Sector, the average hourly value of a volunteer nationwide is now pegged at $22.52 per hour. Connections volunteers add tremendously to their communities, reaching thousands of adult and senior students who may want to learn a new job skill, are taking positive steps to maintain cognitive health, or want to connect with and share life with grandchildren far away.

Barbara Bluiett (left) really does enjoy helping older adults learn about technology as much as she seems to.

“I love to see the spark on the face of a student when they learn something new!  I especially enjoy working with students who have no experience and being able to give them a comfortable introduction to help them overcome … well, I hate to use the word ‘fear’… but they do have trepidation.”

Barbara began her relationship with Oasis as a participant in travel classes and events before she retired. She has progressively stepped up the time she gives as an Oasis volunteer since her retirement. She says

“My role as a volunteer is really refreshing and gives me a sense of contributing to something bigger than myself.”

Hats off to Barbara and her fellow Connections instructors throughout the country–we think what they do is beyond measure.