Still using Office 2010? It’s time to stop.

Some Microsoft products have an “end of life” date after which product support, including security updates, ends. Support for Office 2010 ended in October of 2020. Using it now could put you at risk.

Why did Microsoft end support for Office 2010?

In the past, Microsoft products had a life cycle after which support ended for both feature updates and security patches. This isn’t just a marketing strategy. Technology changes quickly and older products sometimes cannot take advantage of new capabilities. Newer versions of Office, for instance, are integrated with cloud storage, collaboration tools, and other features that expand their capabilities in a networked world.

Software subscription packages are the new normal

Office 2010 was a one-time purchase software package. Such was the norm back in 2010. Microsoft now offers Office 365 as a subscription service. While you can still purchase Office 2019 (the latest non-subscription version) as a package, most users prefer the subscription model and go with Office 365. Office 365 always has the latest features and security updates, can be installed on all your devices, and comes with additional storage and other benefits. And it’s a good marketing plan for Microsoft.

Office 2010 poses a risk for users

Any software, especially something as massive as Microsoft Office, requires updates as security holes are found and technology evolves. Without continued support, Office 2010 users expose themselves to risks from hackers and cybercriminals. The number of known threats will only grow over time.

Your upgrade options between Office 365 and Office 2019

You can compare the options for upgrading to either Office 365 or Office 2019 on Microsoft’s support page. Students and educators at eligible institutions can get Office 365 Education for free or a special educational rate.

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