Our top 10 top tips for verifying information

Disinformation is purposely misleading and dishonest information. The Internet is full of disinformation, from hoaxes about health concerns to targeted misinformation campaigns from hostile foreign governments. Knowing how to recognize disinformation is more important than ever.

Helpful Tips

1.  Double check the website address.

2.  Get information from multiple sources.

3.  Always check the context of a quotation.

4.  Use caution when searching for medical information.

5.  Beware of financial advertising.

6.  Use credible sources.

7.  Look for hard data from reliable sources.

8.  Look for errors in grammar and spelling.

9.  Recognize your own biases.

10.  Use common sense.

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Check out this YouTube video or visit our Safety page.

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How do you recognize disinformation?

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