Thinking about paying with a gift card?

Think again. Gift cards are convenient, but it’s important to remember that the gift cards are meant for gifts, not payments, fines or any other financial transactions with someone who contacts you online. Here’s why:

Gift cards are the number one form of payment demanded by scammers. This is because gift cards can be redeemed for cash from anywhere in the world.

Gift card scammers can remain anonymous while pocketing your money. Gift cards are almost like cash. Once you buy a gift card and share the serial number with a scammer, your money is gone forever.

There are hundreds of gift card scams, but some of the most popular ones are scammers posing as computer tech support, the IRS, the police or a utility company.

Want more information?

Check out this YouTube video or visit our Safety page.

Beware Gift Card Scams

6 ways scammers ask for payment by gift card and why you should say NO!

Gift cards are for gifts and anyone who claims they want you to pay with a gift card is not legitimate. Gift cards are almost like sending cash and can be redeemed anonymously. Money you have spent on gift cards is not traceable or able to be returned to you if a scammer receives the gift card. This video shows you how to recognize gift card scams and reminds you that if you receive a request from someone to pay with a gift card stop and do not purchase a gift card!

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