Connections Instructor Agreement

Instructor Onboarding

Connections Instructor Agreement

As an Oasis Connections Instructor, you are an important member of our mission and serve as an ambassador of our organization to the community.

Please read and sign this Instructor Agreement.

The Oasis Connections Program agrees to provide:

  1. Quality instructor training needed to help you fulfill your responsibilities to prepare for, teach and report on Oasis Connections courses
  2. The curriculum materials for all Oasis Connections courses you teach
  3. Timely instructor support and guidance
  4. Participant course survey results

As an Oasis Connections Instructor, I agree to:

  1. Support the goal of Oasis Connections to help mature adults develop the skills and confidence to use technology effectively in their personal lives and at work
  2. Participate in instructor training
  3. Promote a class atmosphere that is relaxed, enjoyable and fun 4. Actively use and teach from Oasis Connections curriculum materials, class activity files and exercises
  4. Guide participants through the Connections Participant Survey and encourage them to complete and submit surveys before leaving class
  5. Assist in course and participant data collection as required
  6. Remain an active instructor by teaching a minimum of two (2) Connections courses per year
  7. Acknowledge that all Connections materials are copyrighted and agree not to reproduce or use part or all of Connections materials for non-approved programs
  8. Provide students with course information without selling specific products or services
  9. Respect the privacy of all participants